Golf News Hub

Our goal is to keep you up-to-date on all things golf related to the Coronavirus pandemic

Golf Community:

COVID-19 is affecting everyone, everywhere in the world. Golf is no different.

The news changes swiftly. The headlines remain scary and uncertain. We know everyone who plays golf, follows golf and works in golf is struggling to keep up. The term “local rules” has never been so far reaching as governments and governing bodies process golf’s role in this pandemic. The landscape changes by the minute. It is extremely difficult to keep track.

As “golf’s biggest fan," we want to help.

Today we are launching Golf News Hub, a central location for all things related to the golf industry. Think of it as a newsfeed for up to the minute developments in the world of golf as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds. Course openings and closings. Legislative decisions that impact our game. Reports from around the country on how people are coping with these extraordinary times. Best practices on social distancing. The site will also provide a forum where you can sound off and share your stories – what does golf mean to you during these times? Share it with us here.

The great golf writer Herbert Warren Wind once said:

“Beyond the fact that it is a limitless arena for the full play of human nature, there is no sure accounting for golf's fascination... Perhaps it is nothing more than the best game man has ever devised.”

At Buffalo, we share this view and felt it was important to play a part in amplifying golf’s role in our collective mental, physical and economic recovery from these difficult times. Wishing you all good health, let’s tell this story together.

Kyle Ragsdale
CEO, Buffalo Groupe

P.S: I’d like to thank our partner Perfect Sense for allowing us commercial-free use of its Brightspot content management system in launching Golf News Hub in a matter of a few days. No technology company is more committed to the good of the game than Perfect Sense, and for that we are grateful.