‘We are in this together:’ How a popular Caribbean resort plans to adapt post-virus

No. 5 on Teeth of the Dog
Teeth of the Dog at Casa de Campo
Courtesy of Casa de Campo Resort & Villas

In the first of a new interview series on golf post-COVID-19, we catch up with Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic

As golf emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, Golf News Hub will conduct a series of Q&As with various leaders about the state of the industry. This is the series debut. The interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

Jason Kycek is the senior vice president of sales and marketing at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas in the Dominican Republic. The destination is perhaps best known as the home of Teeth of the Dog, Pete Dye’s iconic design.

GNH: How have you personally been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic?

Kycek: Like the rest of us, we have all been challenged by being quarantined to our homes during this crisis. I have continued to maintain regular working hours from my home office, spend more quality time with my wife and son, and doing some much overdue reading of books that I haven’t had a chance to get to previously.

GNH: How has Casa de Campo adapted to the situation?

Jason Kycek - Casa de Campo Resort & Villas
Jason Kycek - Casa de Campo Resort & Villas
Courtesy of Casa de Campo Resort & Villas

Kycek: Our company has been incredibly supportive of our entire team and organization throughout the quarantine. We have kept our team fully employed and working diligently to keep Casa de Campo top of mind, support our partners, clients, guests, and make improvements throughout the resort. The golf courses have continued to receive improvements along with ongoing maintenance. Our company has also been working very seriously on the new health and safety protocols as well as procedures to ensure we are fully prepared and ready to welcome our guests back again safely.

GNH: What are your thoughts on how the pandemic has affected the golf industry?

Kycek: This crisis has been a global tragedy the likes of which we have never seen. Despite the tragic and negative effects it has caused, I believe there is a silver lining for the golf industry in particular. As a sport, golf is an ideal activity for people to take up during this time. I anticipate the industry will not only see a tremendous resurgence of avid golfers rushing to get out and play but also an increase in new people taking up the game.

GNH: What about the future of the golf industry in this “new normal?”

Kycek: Thankfully, the golf industry has always had an entrepreneurial drive of business leaders and inventors alike that have a passion for the game and are striving to constantly make it better. We have already seen a tremendous response of new inventions and ideas from these leaders to help meet the challenges of the crisis that the game of golf will now require moving forward. The “new normal”, will without question, bring in new tools, gadgets, procedures and products to comply with the new health and safety standards our world is in right now, but it will be fully embraced by the golf community for the love and appreciation of the game.

GNH: What is your biggest takeaway from undergoing this ordeal?

Kycek: The resiliency and determination of our industry and people throughout the world to work together and help one another during this crisis. From day one, our industry came together with the mantra that “we are in this together,” and almost two months later we are all still more committed now than ever to seeing this through. Our industry, and lives in general, are built upon the relationships we have developed over the years and in working together. These relationships are what are seeing us all through and are being called upon now more than ever for a successful recovery process.

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