Two private clubs get creative to help their members gather essentials during coronavirus

Desert Highlands CC

“Normal” has been turned upside-down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Basic activities and actions we’ve all taken for granted, like handshakes, dining out and hugging are now out of fashion during this era of social distancing. Acquiring the essentials for everyday survival has become as challenging as hitting a 230-yard forced carry over water into the wind. Grocery shopping is fraught with peril – Will fellow shoppers social distance? Will your cart be sanitized? Who exactly is bagging your tomatoes and where have they been? For those who are elderly or suffering from lung conditions, the risks are of course further elevated.

Many golf companies are finding creative ways to help the cause, from producing masks to sending supplies to hospitals. Add to the list two private clubs: Desert Highlands Golf Club in Arizona and Sailfish Point Golf Club in Florida. Each is helping their members get hard-to-find groceries and household items without venturing out of their communities.

“Our motto is ‘family serving family’ and this program allows us to help our members to stay safe and minimize their exposure to the coronavirus,” says Ron Koohbanani, Desert Highlands’ clubhouse manager.

The clubs are on opposite sides of the country – Sailfish Point is about 45 minutes north of Palm Beach, while Desert Highlands is just outside Scottsdale -- but unbeknownst to each other, they’ve launched similar programs. The clubs provide a central location within their local communities where members and residents can purchase groceries and other essentials, like paper items, disinfectant, bread, milk, cheese, deli meats and drinks. For residents who prefer to stay even more isolated, the clubs will package items and either deliver directly to doorsteps or have the groceries placed in front of the clubhouse for easy pick-up. It’s unclear if either club will continue to offer their pantries post-pandemic, but for now it’s another example of the golf business stepping up during a difficult time.

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