How to play golf as safely as possible in the Coronavirus Era

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Here are the latest recommendations in an ever-changing landscape

Thousands of golf courses in the U.S. have suspended play as COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) continues to spread across the nation. But many health officials believe golf can be played during this difficult time – as long as precautions are taken. The Golf & Health Project, which is supported by the World Golf Foundation, has listed the following guidelines for golfers who have not been required to self-isolate and plan to tee up.

  • Book online, so reducing contacts in and around the Clubhouse
  • Change shoes in the car park and avoid the Clubhouse, or changing areas, whenever possible
  • Use social distancing (2 metre rule - 6 feet rule) on the putting green
  • Meet on the first tee with modified greetings at a distance
  • Insist on social distancing (2 metres rule - 6 feet rule) on tees, greens and throughout the rounds
  • Golf buggies should only be used by single individuals and cleaned afterwards
  • Golfers should only pick their own ball up
  • Handle your own scorecard only
  • Do not use public drinking fonts and ball cleaners, bring own refreshments, towels and ball cleaners if needed.
  • Leave the flag in place while putting
  • Sort out the sand in the bunker with a club (or your own rake!)
  • Do not use airlines for cleaning shoes or equipment following the round
  • Players should use hand sanitizer on the way round and at the end
  • No handshakes on 18th green (do not hand over money either??)
  • Avoid the Clubhouse, whenever possible
  • Finish and go home!

The project also has the following recommendations for golf clubs and management:

  • Organize online booking to reduce congregation around the Clubhouse
  • Allow shoes to be changed in the car park
  • Follow general hygiene advice and e.g. make hand sanitizers available in the clubhouse
  • Golf buggies should be used by single individuals and cleaned afterwards
  • Take drinking fonts and ball cleaners out of play.
  • Close air pressure cleaners for cleaning shoes following the round

Here you can find more information about the Golf & Health Project, which aims to study golf and provide information about the benefits of the game.